Welcome to My Web Development Series

Welcome to My Web Development Series

All you need to become a Front-End Developer. Learn by following this series.


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In my recent article where I detailed how I learned to master programming consistently without burning out, read here, I told a story about how I ended up in a programming class when what I wanted was to be a UX designer, and how it has all paid off.

In this Series, I will take you through my learning journey, simplifying the learning process by using stories, quizzes, and exercises to make the entire journey fun and engaging.

If you are new to programming, or you are a returnee who wants to refresh your skill, or you are just intending to start off programming, you are in the right place. I will literally hold you by the hand and lead you through this challenging journey. You will never walk alone.

My singular goal is to help you understand every step of the way, so forgive me when I try to dumb things down, it's only because people have different levels of understanding and all must be carried along.

Also, follow my accDevTrivia channel on YouTube to access more learning resources and quizzes related to Web Development.

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